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Fluorescent Lamps, Ballasts, and Fixtures

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For decades, Fluorescent lighting was the money-saving staple of commercial lighting. Fluorescent lighting gained popularity in the 1960's because it was significantly more energy efficient and cost-effective than incandescent lights. Today, when installing new commercial lighting, LED lights are the most popular choice - for good reason. LED lighting is significantly more energy efficient and cost-effective than fluorescent lighting.

If you have burned out fluorescent lights, you have options:

Each fluorescent light fixture includes one or more lamps (light bulbs) and a ballast. The ballast regulates the electrical current through the lamp. If a light is out, the lamp, the ballast, or both may no longer be working. During a complimentary onsite visit, we check your fluorescent lamps and ballasts to determine which need to be replaced.

For fast turnaround, we stock the most common fluorescent lamps (bulbs and tubes), and ballasts in our Renton warehouse.


T12 Fluorescent lamps

T8 Fluorescent lamps

T5 and T5 HO Fluorescent lamps

If you have burned out fluorescent lighting at your property in greater Seattle / Puget Sound, schedule a complementary walk-through. We'll review your lighting and talk with you about your lighting issues, energy expenses, and options. You will receive a written, no-obligation lighting quote, including energy-company rebates for which you may qualify, so you can choose the option that best fits your budget and future plans for your facility.

Request a quote or contact us today to talk with a lighting specialist about replacing your fluorescent lamps / tubes or bulbs.

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