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LED lamps are tremendously popular for good reason - they save energy and money. An LED lamp uses a fraction of the energy of incandescent, fluorescent, and HID lights. Plus, quality LED lights can last five times longer (or more) than incandescent, fluorescent, or HID lights. See more LED lighting on our lighting fixtures page.

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By switching to LED lighting your organization could

Long-Lasting. When you need replacement lights for your LED fixtures, you can count on us to supply quality, long-lasting lamps (bulbs) from reputable manufacturers who stand behind their warranties.

Lower Energy Costs. LED lights output the same light for a fraction of the cost of fluorescent bulbs. For example, a 10 watt LED bulb will do the job of a 32 watt fluorescent bulb.

Lower Maintenance Costs. Depending on the location of your light bulbs, the cost of replacing light bulbs can add up significantly. If you have a parking lot, parking garage, high-ceilinged warehouse, shop, high-ceiling entry way, or gymnasium, imagine how much money you could save if you could go twice as long (or longer) before needing to replace burned out lights.

Directional. LED lighting gives you control over the area that your lights illuminate - helping you to save money by not illuminating areas you don't want to illuminate. For example, the goal of warehouse lighting is to illuminate areas below the lights, not the ceiling area. LED light is directed down, right where you want it; you only pay for the energy to illuminate those areas. HID and fluorescent lights are multi-directional - illuminating areas below, to the sides and above; to compensate, HID and fluorescent fixtures are often fitted with reflectors to direct more light down, however, this is less efficient and uses more energy than directional lighting. What's the "secret" behind directional lighting in LED lights? Light in an LED lamp is emitted from diodes. The diodes are arranged to emit light in the desired direction(s).

Color Spectrum. LED bulbs are available in a wide range of "color temperatures", from cool to warm. Cool white LED bulbs can light up your parking lot, garage, or ball field like a stadium, while warm, white LED bulbs make your company's entryway warm and inviting. For office workers, the right color and intensity creates a productive, inviting work environment.

Harsh conditions. We've got LED bulbs designed to meet virtually any type of harsh environmental condition - including freezing cold, baking hot, salt water, and more.

One-size doesn't fit all. Our lighting specialists will provide suggestions based on your concerns and the types of areas you are lighting: parking garages and parking lots, exterior walkways, covered entry ways, perimeter areas, warehouses, workshops, gymnasiums, classrooms, offices, retail, medical environments - you name it. We have LED lighting colors and wattages to suit each environment at your facility.

Get a quote or contact us today to talk with a lighting specialist about LED lighting for your facility and discover what a difference it makes to have the right lighting.

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