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For years, HID lighting was the most energy-efficient lighting available for parking lots, neighborhoods, warehouses, gymnasiums, and other large indoor and outdoor areas.

Today, because of the outstanding benefits of LED lighting over HID's older technology, when it's time to replace HID lamps, it's rare to install new HID lamps. Either retrofit your HID fixtures to use LED lamps, or replace your HID fixtures with LED light fixtures.

HID light fixtures include a lamp (light bulb) and a ballast. The ballast regulates the electrical current through the lamp. If a lamp is out, the lamp, the ballast, or both may no longer be working. During our onsite visit, we'll check your lamps and ballasts as part of helping you to determine whether it makes more sense for you to retrofit or replace your HID light fixtures.

Even when HID lights are working, their energy efficiency benefits can decline by over 70 percent after 10,000 burning hours. A lamp burning 12 hours per day year round will surpass 10,000 hours after just 2.3 years.

LED lights are more energy-efficient, have a longer life, use superior technology, and are ballast-free. It's easy to dramatically cut your lighting energy bill and lighting maintenance costs when you switch from HID to LED lighting. LED lights are directional, are available in a wider range of colors than HID, and are compatible with daylight sensors, motion sensors, and other controllers.

If your property is in greater Seattle / Puget Sound and you have HID lighting that is burned out or too dim, schedule a complementary onsite visit to review your lighting issues, energy consumption, and lighting options. You will receive a written, no obligation quote including energy-company rebates for which you may qualify, so you can determine which options work best for your organization based on your budget and future plans regarding your facility.

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