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Commercial Light Fixtures

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Your source for interior and exterior commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential light fixtures. In most cases, LED fixtures significantly outshine their fluorescent and HID counterparts. LED fixtures are several times more energy efficient, emit less heat, distribute light better, and last longer. If you are replacing only a portion of your fluorescent or HID fixtures, we can typically get LED fixtures which match their design and look. Of course, a wide variety of modern designs are available, too.

Interior Light Fixtures

Exterior Light Fixtures

Create a welcoming, safe environment for your guests and employees while deterring loitering and mischief. The right fixtures with the right lamps positioned in the right places will attract the people you want and deter those you don't - promoting safety for people, vehicles, and other assets on your property.

Motion Sensors. Increase your energy efficiency and cut your electric bills, by adding motion sensors to automatically turn lights off and on in gymnasiums, warehouses, and other areas which are costly to light and not in constant use.

Light Sensors. Exterior light fixtures typically include light sensors to automatically turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn; saving you money and energy.

LED Light Fixtures

We supply a wide variety of LED light fixtures for interior and exterior use, in a wide variety of decorative and utilitarian styles to match your requirements, d├ęcor, and budget.

Fluorescent Light Fixtures

We can supply all types of fluorescent light fixtures. In most cases, we can match new long-lasting, energy-efficient, ballast-free LED fixtures to your existing fluorescent fixtures.

Fluorescent T12 Light Fixtures. In 2012, to promote energy efficiency and protect the environment, the production of magnetic T12 ballasts and T12 lamps was banned in the US. Fluorescent T8 lamps and fixtures were introduced to replace them. A T12 ballast typically operates up to two fluorescent lights. A T8 ballast typically operates up to four lamps. T8 fixtures can house either fluorescent T8 lamps OR LED T8 lamps. When replacing T12 light fixtures, we recommend replacing them with T8 LED or T5 LED light fixtures. These LED fixtures are ballast-free and use more reliable technology than T12 and T8 fixtures - so they require less frequent maintenance and last significantly longer. T8 LED and T5 LED fixtures are available which match the look of T12 and T8 fluorescent light fixtures.

HID Light Fixtures

HID light fixtures are typically used for parking lot pole lighting, stadiums, gymnasiums, and warehouses. In most cases, we can match new LED fixtures to your existing HID fixtures. LED fixtures are more energy efficient and use more reliable technology, so they require less-frequent maintenance.

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