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The parking lots and building exteriors at these 24-hour warehouses had dark lights of various colors. Lights in various shades of white, yellow, and gray reduce visibility and hinder depth perception. The poor lighting created safety risks for employees, trucks, and the thousands of packages moving through these busy warehouses every each day. Dim, dark lighting can create driving risks for the drivers of the dozens of large and small vehicles regularly entering and exiting these facilities. In dim lighting, millions of dollars in trucking assets and packages can become an irresistible temptation.

Now uniform, crisp, bright lighting illuminates the entire facility from the building walls to well beyond the fence perimeters. Even on the darkest, rainiest, winter night, visibility is excellent throughout their property. Drivers, trucks, and packages are safer and their work is completed more easily. Their bottom line is looking brighter, too! Their annual energy cost savings are significant.

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Behind the Scenes

The new light fixtures could not be mounted to their light poles using the existing brackets. We had custom brackets designed and manufactured, then we installed their new LED fixtures on their existing poles. Making custom brackets and reusing their 45 light poles saved time, saved money, and kept 45 lamp poles out of the landfill.

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